October 01, 2008

Testing stuff
Cyn|1:18 PM

November 29, 2006

Well, I managed to win NaNoWriMo this year. Hit my 50,000 word mark last night. It feels really good and now I can go back and fix my plot. It got lost in there, what with my characters hijacking the story. They just kept doing things they weren't supposed to be doing. But it did make the story much more interesting that way. I'm thinking my muse just jumped into them and said "hey, they need to do this. You're not thinking straight Cyn."

At any rate, I will begin trying to fix it up now and see if I can't get a much better second draft out of it. I like the characters and stuff though, so hopefully I won't get too tired of it.
Cyn|8:51 PM

November 18, 2006

I haven't been working on any of my websites much as I've been doing NaNoWriMo this month. I'm having a lot of fun this year and doing much better with my word count too! Hopefully in the beginning of the new year I'll get around to jazzing up some of these poor sites that really need some help.
Cyn|2:17 PM

November 10, 2006

Just a quick note to say that NaNo is going awesome, my word count is above minimum and I will be getting a t-shirt this year. *smile*

I also updated Erised Designs with some new stuff. Icons of Lost and Tomb Raider and a wallpaper from each as well. Go check them out and let me know what you think.
Cyn|11:25 AM

November 05, 2006

I haven't been doing too much with any of my websites lately as I am attempting NaNoWriMo again this year. I am determined to win and make my word count and allow myself to buy a t-shirt! Whee!

Otherwise not a whole log going on with me. I'm hoping to revamp some more of my sites soon, but I don't know when that will happen, probably not until sometime next year knowing me.
Cyn|12:11 PM

October 27, 2006

Well, I decided the site needed a new layout, so I went pink this time. Not sure what this thing with pink is, it's very odd for considering how long I abhorred the color. I'm finding several shades of pink acceptable now though. *shrug* Maybe it's because I'm just getting older and that whole I had to surround myself in pastel pink phase is about fifteen years in the past now. Geez, I'm getting old.

I hope people like the new look, I tried to make the navigation a lot simpler too. I've also reopened Erised Designs if you wanna give it a look. It has a whole new layout too. Cinderflame is currently without any content. I'm trying to decide what to do with that site.
Cyn|12:58 PM

November 14, 2005

Well, I'm thinking of putting the blog back on the main page of my site. I might change the script I use for it though. I'd like to be able to do stuff in categories so I could file things like new story snippets or here's the latest five survey answers I've done or something like that. *shrug* I think I might move my currently stuff over to the side bar too. It would either push the nav way down or it would have to go under the nav. Haven't decided that part yet. But if I move the blog to the front again then it will look like I'm updating. Until I don't write in it and then it will look dead. Hmmmm. Something to think on.
Cyn|8:39 AM